Exercice de styles
(solo piano) 1990
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First opus for my instrument, composed, as its name indicates it, for the pleasure to go alongside the styles, periods and different genres in which I like meeting myself when my piano itches me. Any levels pianists will appreciate those works with various degrees of difficulties. Classicism, Romanticism, some XXth century touches and fragments of bravery... Eau de parfum jazz piano is a work stemming from an improvisation. Here is existing an orchestral version for jazz trio increased by brass instruments, diverse percussions and strings that you'll hear below.

I personaly interpreted these works for CD session, (see links above) (recorded at Studio Guillaume Tell by Xavier Escabasse). We added to it a recent single title Un ange passe improvised for the same named Sebastien Kriloff' short film (recorded at LeStudio Disneyland Paris by Michael Obst).

 1. Un ange passe easy  2'55"
 2. Partie de cache-Cache difficult  1'10"
 3. Le Nyctalope quite easy  1'05"
 4. Tarentelle medium difficulty  2'05"
 5. Glenn, qu'entends-tu ? quite easy  1'00"
 6. " Trop de notes..." little medium difficulty  2'30"
 7. Out of Yalta pretty hard  3'10"
 8. Regard sur un vol de colombe pretty hard  2'50"
 9. Pachydermiques little medium difficulty  1'00"
 10. Nostalgie d'Hambers quite easy  2'00"
 11. Poussy, sept fantaisies pour un chat little medium difficulty  3'00"
 12. Pot-au-noir very easy  2'00"
 13. Eaux profondes easy  1'10"
 14. Pommea very easy  1'40"
 15. Copine little medium difficulty  1'09"
 16. Valse à trois difficult  2'45"
 17. Copain little medium difficulty  1'05"
 18. Heïdi easy  2'25"
 19. Le bal des vautours little medium difficulty  1'50"
 20. Train d'enfer pretty hard  1'20"
 21. La fin de l'aventure quite easy  1'10"
 22. Retour d'absence pretty hard  1'30"
 23. P'tite Sarah quite easy  2'50"
 24. Eau de parfum pretty hard  3'20"


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